Why are we doing Edcamp Yosemite again? 

We've run Edcamp Yosemite for the past three years, and every time, sometime in the planning process, I wonder to myself, "Why are we doing this again?" 
It isn't that the planning is hard or very time consuming, it's just that, like educators everywhere, I'm busy! 

And then I see the Twitter stream start to grow and the pictures start to come in. The next day, as I review Twitter, I find everyone's reflections completely captivating and contagious. 
And I know exactly why we do it!  
And I know we have to do it again. 
This isn't PD or PL your way, this is 'find your family, connect, have a good time, enjoy the fresh scent of pine trees, and relax....while doing PD your way!' Then, take an evening side trip out to Glacier Point or Sentinel Dome and take in the beauty. 

These are the things that make 

Edcamp Yosemite 
unlike any other edcamp. 

Let's back up a bit, our little edcamp started out with 3 planners just three years ago.
We wanted to create a camp where we could bring in our local teachers and mix them with other teachers from around the Central Valley. That was our mission. 
Jon, Marlena, and Nora: the braintrust of Edcamp Yosemite! 
Our committee consists of Jon Corippo, Nora Allsteadt, and myself. Walt Hebern isn't on the committee, but provides support whenever asked! We meet on Voxer since we don't really live near each other. We all just do what needs to be done. 

This year, Nora reimagined our logo and made some beautiful stickers (see above) and set up 
the schedule. I secured the event location and found sponsors, and Walt made the Eventbright. Jon, well...Jon does his thing and shares out the links to his growing network and then the magic happens! (Nora and I share it on our network, just our networks are not growing quite as fast as Jon's! Hey, we try!) 

Then we sit back, answer questions, keep it moving on Twitter, and wait. Slowly at first, and then in a rush, the signups flood in! 
I am always relieved that someone wants to come!
Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous sponsorship of Merced County Office of Education and use of the Jack L Boyd Outdoor School. 

Our other generous sponsors include:
The Edcamp Foundation: Provided breakfast and edcamp supplies. 
Edutopia: Every year they send prizes and lanyards. 
BreakoutEDU: They supplied us with an awesome Breakout box that inspired us to play and then we gave it away to one lucky winner. 
Max Cases: A handy Chromebook Max Case, the really nice one, and some door prizes

I try to remember, this is an edcamp set at an outdoor camp, in the forest. We have buildings, but the wifi is just as great outside as it is inside. So why not enjoy it outside under the trees? Causal is in our bones and we embrace it! 
Oh and Jon plans the after party at Southgate, our favorite brewery, and announces it live without telling anyone beforehand. And Nora and I just roll with it because we can't believe we didn't think of it ourselves! And we all go and love it and have a great time with the new and old friends that we met at edcamp. 
That's just how we roll! 
We cannot forget the food. I attended Camp Green Meadows once with my 3rd grader many years ago for science camp (Camp Green Meadows is an outdoor school), and I remember the food was absolutely delicious. That has certainly not changed one bit over the years. We loved the fish tacos! 
But what makes me want to do it again are the tweets and photos and excitement of the participants.

 The stories of what they are trying in their classrooms as a result of what they learned at Edcamp Yosemite. 

That is what makes it worth the 

time and keeps it fun. 
So thank you to...
...all the participants, Edcamp Yosemite would be nothing without you and your energy and fun spirits. 
...our sponsors, your support is so greatly appreciated. 
...my fellow committee members, so glad to be working with you! 

I have included some tweets below so that you might enjoy some of the contagious excitement and energy to which I am so shamelessly addicted! 


09/19/2016 8:21pm

Edcamp Yosemite was so cool. We are really glad that we came up. It is really beautiful up there at Camp Green Meadows, we met lots of awesome educators and we will be back next year!


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