When I share that I was accepted into the Google for Education Innovator program, I get a variety of responses. Most people just don't know what it is.

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But the responses that gets me the most are the ones where people think I got into the program simply by being talented, and that I was either born into that talent or I somehow magically acquired it overnight! Nothing could be further from the truth! 
Historically, I've pretty much been the computer naysayer in the family. When my husband came home from work one day in 1993 and said that we needed to upgrade our Apple 2E because the new ones at work were color, I replied, "What? We don't need color!!!" 
Needless to say, we soon had a brand new computer.

I wrote, I used Publisher, I played games. But that was about all. 

I only started using Google 3 years ago when my boss kept asking me to make Google forms and sites and things and I struggled at every turn. I finally decided that the only way to get ahead would be to study up and master the skills I needed. 

So I studied, and I studied, and I studied. 

I finally passed the 5 Google Educator exams in 7 days after work. (That was a big moment!)  It was at that point that I finally 'got' the big picture and saw how Google could work together for kids. 

So, no, I wasn't born with talent. I didn't magically become blessed overnight. I worked to master skills, I practiced at home on my own time, I networked with people on Twitter who could help me, I watched what others were doing, I stayed up late to complete projects, I youtubed solutions, I collected ideas, I asked my husband for lots of help.

And slowly, I learned.  

Then I started creating things of my own. 

So I feel especially honored to be counted among the 2016 cohort for Google Innovator. I am not the only one who has worked hard to master skills, create, and innovate. We all have. But my work isn't done, and neither is the work done for the other Innovators. 

We are just beginning.  


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