I stood in the empty hallway of my new office building. I was the last in the office to leave this evening. I paused, and I gazed around me and I realized 

that this is my new home. Amazingly enough, it feels like I have been here forever, even though only 3 months have passed. 

This has most certainly been a year of changes for me. Last February, I learned that my beloved job in Mariposa was being cut, in September I returned to the classroom, and In November, I left Mariposa and I am now working for FCOE. I am training teachers on technology. I am learning a new office, new co-workers, new boss, and mastering new skills, but I am enjoying my job tremendously and I am loving every minute. And I cannot thank my new co-workers, my new boss, and my new employer enough for making me feel like I belong to this team. You all are, if you are reading, the best! Thank you. 

More changes...
I was recently accepted into the Google for Education Innovator Academy, and I can hardly believe that the long anticipated 3 days in the Mountain View Google headquarters is less than a week away. 

So change is scary..it look me a long time to embrace it, but sometimes the right change is good for the soul. 


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