How to Write Gamified Class Rules

There are rules for writing game rules. I don't mean your garden variety family game, I'm talking about serious role-playing games, and believe me, the rules for my class are serious! 

But you can have a little fun with your students by adapting the format of role playing game rules to your own classroom rules and syllabus. 

If you are not a gamer, the easiest way to learn about these rules is to befriend a gamer, since all serious gamers are into the rules almost as much as the game itself! 
           So go find one....

...or be lucky enough that your daughter dates one. :) 
The trouble of finding your own personal gamer may be well worth the payoff. My students loved the gamified class rules, and the parents loved them even more.

Just in case you don't know are the suggestions that Garrett gave me...

Rules for Writing Rules: 

1. Name your game. (I called mine the Game of 6th Grade or g6g. I used the lower case g because the upper case looked a lot like 666...and I just didn't want to go there.)
2. Use lots of acronyms  in the directions.
3. Once the acronym is introduced, use it throughout the directions.
4. All games have a Game Master (GM). They break all ties, change the rules as they play when needed, and generally have the last word on everything. (Yep, just like the teacher!) This allows you to maintain the last word at all times. 
5. Players are called Player Characters (PC)
6. Rules should have lots of examples with illustrations.
7. The good games use a D12 which is a 12 sided dice. The really cool games use a D20!
8. Include how to win the game.
9. Move from general to specific.
10. Mind the white space.
11. Include these parts:
Summary of the game
Acronym meanings
How to solve disputes
Set up and structure of the game
Game Calculations
12. Have fun! 

That's about it. Easy. Check out my classroom gamified rules (below) to get you started with writing your own gamified class rules.

Good luck, and most importantly...have fun! 

Direct slide share link to the the rules below:

*Special thanks to Garrett for getting me up and running with this project! 



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