Note: I wrote this blog just before school started and then got so busy starting school that I didn't publish until now! 
I stood in the door of my new classroom, completely overwhelmed by its emptyness.
I snapped a picture to send to a friend and captioned it, This is it - the before - the clean slate.


How to Write Gamified Class Rules

There are rules for writing game rules. I don't mean your garden variety family game, I'm talking about serious role-playing games, and believe me, the rules for my class are serious! 

But you can have a little fun with your students by adapting the format of role playing game rules to your own classroom rules and syllabus. 

If you are not a gamer, the easiest way to learn about these rules is to befriend a gamer, since all serious gamers are into the rules almost as much as the game itself! 
           So go find one....