An Open Letter to My Wonderful Teaching Friends Who Are Not On Twitter...Yet (And Anyone Else Wondering About Twitter for Educators)

Dear Anne, Shelly, Miriam, and Sherry,
I have finally found a way for us to connect over our shared profession and passion - teaching. It is a great little app called Twitter. If you are on Twitter already, read no further, just message me @mhebern and we can start sharing.

But if you are not on Twitter, then let me convince you that Twitter is a great place to hang out.

I miss you guys, and I think about you often. All of you!

You share on fb all the time! You share...

I'll be teaching sixth grade next year after being out of the classroom for 5 years. I didn't choose this assignment and I have mixed feeling about taking it on. I've never fully taught 6th grade before. Previously, I was a primary teacher. No problem, because sixth grade doesn't start for another 3 months, right?

Wrong! It starts today!

Today? It's only JUNE 2nd! How can that be?

It's right there in those staff meeting notes from yesterday! Darn! I knew....

I consider myself a reflective learner.

        But... what does that really mean?

I don’t know exactly when I started reflecting on my classroom practice, but it was very early on. Maybe even that first year as the year ended. Then I moved from my first Kindergarten job to the second kindergarten job in a different district. As I started that job, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and more importantly, what I didn’t want to do. In other words, I learned a lot that first year!

Before I knew it, I started...