When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending…
I accept the challenge from Ryan Archer (@ArcherEdTech) to list five things that I wish education would stop pretending. There are so many, where will I even begin!

I don't remember if anyone has ever actually asked me this before! And I wonder why?
As educators, we know the educational system better than anyone. Inside and out. We work, we observe, we see the effects on children that are put into play by lawmakers and policymakers.
                    We live the results.
And yet, we are rarely asked, if ever, to list the things we want to see changed.
So now's our chance! Thanks Ryan for including me in the challenge. Here is my top five list.

                                            The compiled list is here:

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending…
...that children are tiny adults that can handle pressures put upon them to complete complicated           adult sized tasks, and can plan, produce, think, and conduct themselves like adults- all the time.
...that collaboration is good enough for kids, but not for adults.

...that homework is the best way to cover new material we couldn't manage to cover in class.

...that grades define a student. 

...that we know what the future holds for the children of today.

I challenge